Jared Goff's Future
by Glenn Dickey
Nov 30, 2015

It seems every time Jared Goffís name is mentioned in a news story there is also a suggestion that heíll be jumping to the NFL as soon as it holds its draft next year. Nobody seems to ask Goff about this or even listen to what heís said consistently: that he intends to go four consecutive years to Cal to earn his degree.
It was only slightly more than two weeks ago that he said he was looking forward to graduating with those who came in at the same time he did. Tough to do it if heís on an NFL roster.
Goff is a very unusual young man, mature beyond his years and with many more interests than most football players. He said when he came to Cal (last spring, because he had already gained enough high school credits to graduate later that spring) that he came to Berkeley because he wanted a good education. Obviously, he intended to play football, and he has done that very well, but he wants much more than that from his college life.
He is very involved with campus life and very popular. Many students who never go to the football games know him and like him. When he walks around campus, as he apparently does frequently, there are many students who say hello and sometimes stop to talk to him. They arenít often talking about football.
Clearly, Goff is much more than a football player.
Itís hard for writers to grasp this because most football players are focused on the game and little else. Even the Chronicle writer who covers Cal football suggested a couple of days ago that the last college game for Goff might be the Bearsí season-ender this year. Apparently, heís never asked Goff about his intentions for next year, just accepting the common wisdom that all football players want to get to the NFL as fast as possible.
I applaud Goff for having interests outside football. Iím sure heíll be successful in whatever he does in the future. Iím also sure heíll be the one who decides on his future after football. He wonít be listening to sportswriters.

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