Tomsula Gone?
by Glenn Dickey
Nov 24, 2015

It would seem that Jim Tomsula would be the first casualty of the 49ers miserable season except for one thing: Who would replace him? No reputable coach would walk into a situation like this one, with a roster with few good players and a general manager whose ego is totally out of control.

Tomsula was a ridiculous choice from the beginning, an excellent defensive line coach who knows nothing about being a head coach. He likes to talk about being a head coach in NFL Europe but that was a joke league, set up only because the NFL wanted to sell merchandise like team jerseys. Once they saturated that market, they shut down the league, which was a sad imitation of the real one.

We all know why Tomsula was named the head coach - his willingness to help sabotage Jim Harbaugh and his loyalty to Trent Baalke. He has none of the qualities a team normally looks for in a coach, but of course, these are not normal times for the Niners.

Tomsula's game decisions are laughable. In the closing five minutes of the latest loss in Seattle, he twice had his team punting on fourth down. The chances of making a first down in that situation were small but he had to try. His explanation for punting: He thought his defense could stop the Seahawks and force them to punt. Hello! The 49er defense gave up more than 500 yards. There was no way that defense was going to stop the Seahawks cold.

But again, the question is: Who would replace him? I suppose they'd elevate another assistant but they've already gotten rid of the best one, defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, because Baalke didn't want anybody who was loyal to Harbaugh on the staff. He did Fangio a favor because he landed on the staff of the Chicago Bears, not a great team but compared to the Niners...

Meanwhile, the real winner in all this is Harbaugh, the coach Baalke worked so hard to sabotage. Harbaugh is back at his alma mater, Michigan, coaching a team which supposedly was short of talent but is ranked 15th in the country. Whatever else you may think of Harbaugh, there is no denying that he is an outstanding coach. He has won everywhere he's gone, resurrecting teams that had not been successful and making them winners. If he's enjoying the fact that the Niners are in a deep hole since he left, who can blame him?

Jed York admits he knows nothing about football but he put his trust in the wrong person. Until Baalke is fired and a competent general manager replaces him - and hires a real head coach - the 49ers will be stuck in a very deep hole.

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