A. J. Jenkins may turn out to be great, but I don't think he was the right choice. (April 27 Examiner column.) Right guard was the gaping hole. There's been talk of Anthony Davis being moved to guard because he gets beat way too often. If so, they'd need a tackle and there was a very good one on the board, Jonathan Martin of Stanford.//Posted April 28
-- Phil Lichtenstein, Lafayette

GD: I'm going to give your phone number to the 49ers because you clearly have information they don't have. They don't even realize that Anthony Davis is such a problem.

The 49ers made a bit of a reach with A. J. Jenkins - if one believes the pundits. But 49ers fans, by now, should know to trust Trent Baalke.//Posted April 28
-- Tom Ryugo, San Francisco

GD: Not all do, though. See comment above.

I'm hoping this will change the attitude of Michael Crabtree, or he'll be on the bench.//Posted April 28
-- Sam Fox, Reno

GD: That would give the prima donna more time to think about this shoe purchases.

Best thing about the NFL draft starting? No more mock drafts!//Posted April 28
-- Anthony Villella

GD: I''m just glad I've never had to do one. Nothing but a recipe for egg on the face.

The analysis of baseball's problems by Bruce Jenkins is light years ahead of your head-in-the-sand attitude about the DH. (April 25 website column.)//Posted April 28.
-- Roger Mosher, San Francisco

GD: Somebody has his head in the sand, but it isn't me. Bruce hasn't liked any change made in baseball since he was 16. My view is based on the fact that baseball writers for Sports Illustrated and USA Today Sports Weekly have written long pieces describing how, not if, the DH will be implemented for all 30 major league teams next season.

Very good rundown on the 49ers attempt to build a stadium in the city and the problems. (April 24 Examiner column.) However, we San Franciscans don't whine.//Posted April 28
-- Art Alcante, San Francisco

GD: Really? You could have fooled me.

I'm definitely with you on the 49ers stadium. I'd much rather hear "live from Santa Clara" than "from L.A. Live Brought to you by AIG."//Posted April 28
-- Eric Perez

GD: The possibility that the 49ers could be moved to Los Angeles has been largely ignored by 49ers fans but it always existed.

You make fun of the "Faithful" but I can't remember the last time the 49ers didn't have a home sellout.//Posted April 28
-- Nick Leventis, San Francisco

GD: That's because the 49ers have been buying up tickets for years so they could have the games on home TV. That's a good strategy but let's not pretend these were actual sellouts. I've been able to see thousands of empty seats from the press box.

I have no respect for the Yorks. Jed York is just a kid who was given the club by his father and has done nothing with it.//Posted April 28
-- John Wyatt, San Francisco

GD: Nothing? He hired Jim Harbaugh as coach and promoted Trent Baalke. Now, he's arranged the financial package for the new stadium. When you do anything comparable, please let me know.

I love the articles you write. (March 30 Examiner column.) Being a Giants fan in New Jersey, I have the TV package and for spring training, too. You truly write it as it is!//Posted March 31
-- Joseph Cornacchia

GD: That's always been my style. I'm too old to change now.

This is one of your better columns. (March 28 website column.) Football fans who have never seen a single wing offense may have trouble visualizing the movements of the spinner (tail) back.//Posted March 31
-- Porter Baymon, Seaside

GD: Not just fans, either. I once told Steve Young he'd have been a great single wing tailback. He had no idea what I was talking about.

If you recited all those players, scores and details of Rose Bowl games from memory, I'm duly impressed.//Posted March 31
-- John Waterbury, Lafayette

GD: I had to look up Paul Cameron's NFL career, but otherwise, it was all from memory. I have a number of unimportant sports historical facts clogging up my brain. Helps my wife with her crossword puzzles, though.

Another classic Dickey column. Sometimes I think I should address you as professor Dickey.//Posted March 31
-- Glenn Karonosky, Los Angeles

GD: Flattery will get you everywhere. You get an A.

Nobody will ever top either Joe Thomas or post-free agency Charlie Finley as the worst sports executives in Bay Area history, but Lew Wolff and John Fisher are coming close.//Posted March 31
-- Tom Ryugo, San Francisco

GD: At least Finley gave fans great teams before free agency. Wolff and Fisher have given the fans non-competitive teams while displaying contempt for them.

If Yoenis Cepedes is as good as we hope he'll be, how long will it be before the A's trade him for prospects?//Posted March 31
-- Dan McDonald

GD: No later than midseason!

I could not have agreed more with your column. (March 23 Examiner column.) I would take Alex Smith over Peyton Manning at this point. Posted March 24
-- John Wickham, San Francisco

GD: Manning will be a first ballot Hall of Famer but at 36 after three neck operations, he's too much of a risk.

You wrote that one reason that Peyton Manning was reluctant about joining the 49ers was the potential clash with Jim Harbaugh over playcalling. Didn't Andrew Luck have great success at Stanford calling plays?//Posted March 25
-- Gopal Rao, San Francisco

GD: Luck was given three plays and had the option of using one of them, depending on the defense he saw. Manning has the whole playbook at his disposal, so he has total control. Quite different.

Yes, Joe Lacob is the face of the Warriors franchise (March 21 website column) but you forgot the worst example, Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowbooys. And when the Raiders were good, back in the last century, Al Davis had his mug out there all the time.//Posted March 24
-- Phil Litchenstein, Lafayette

GD: When Jon Gruden's face started popping up on billboards, I wrote that his days with the Raiders were numbered. As soon as he had the chance, Davis got rid of him. That's really worked out well for the Raiders, hasn't it?

The Niner fans have always been fickle. You may recall that John Brodie was continually harassed, and how about Steve Young when he succeeded Joe Montana? Most fans don't have a clue and many sportswriters are just as ill-informed.//Posted March 24
-- Andy Mousalimas, Oakland

GD: The 49ers writer for The Chronicle during Brodie's career campaigned first for George Mira and then Steve Spurrier to replace Brodie. Good grief!

The pursuit of Peyton Mannng by the 49ers brain trust was a blunder...What was it about Alex Smith's performance they didn't like? The comebacks on the road? The low interception rate? The fourth quarter performance against the Saints?//Posted March 24
-- Scott MacMichael, Fresno

GD: I can't answer that because I thought from the start that it was a mistake - and wrote that.//Posted March 24

These New Yorkers will never stop surprising me. They sign Tim Tebow after giving a three-year extension to Mark Sanchez, for a huge amount of money.//Posted March 24
-- Alex Maluquer, Barcelona

GD: It's like a Damon Runyon story: Tebow sent to New York to convert all those sinners!

I have disagreed with many of your opinions in the past but I very much agree with your column on Peyton Manning and the 49ers. (March 23 Examiner column). You nailed it.//Posted March 24
-- Matthew Sieger

GD: Thank you, but not everybody agrees. See e-mail below.

Why don't you retire? More than half the time, you don't know what the hell you're talking about.//Posted March 24
-- Dee Washington

GD: I guess I should get your telephone number so I could get the real scoop next time.

Well said. For decades, you have been the voice of reason.//Posted March 24
-- Denny Chairs

GD: Thanks. It's nice to know that my approach is appreciated by some. I've never expected everybody to agree, which is a good thing for my sanity!

Where is the drumbeat from the media telling Peyton Manning he should retire? (March 8 Examiner column)//Posted March 11
-- Scott MacMichael, Fresno

GD: His family should be doing that but his father, Archie, a former NFL quarterback, is encouraging him to keep playing.

What do YOU think? Let me know.

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